Exclusive representative agreement with JM Canty Incorporated

Criterion Incorporated is pleased to announce an exclusive representative agreement with JM Canty Incorporated effective November 1st, 2018 for the States of North and South Carolina.

JM Canty’s beginnings and current practices are rooted in
family and innovation.  Canty was established in 1971 by John M. Canty P.E. and Incorporated in 1977.  The company has expanded product offerings to include manufacturing of lighting, cameras, sight flow indicators, quick opening closures, glass to metal seals, vision-based process control and particle sizing.

JM Canty is an exciting addition to our product line, that will help us diversify our product offerings across the industries we serve while maintaining our focus as a solution based manufacturer’s representative.

tecsis LP

Effective May 2017 Criterion Incorporated, is pleased to be named the exclusive representative for tecsis LP in the States of North & South Carolina.

Located in Worthington Ohio, tecsis LP designs and manufactures some of the finest force sensors, load cells, and pressure transducers available anywhere.  Tecsis LP offers load ranges from 50 grams to 2.5 million pounds, pressure ranges from 0.5 psi to 100,000 psi, and unamplified or amplified output.

Tecsis LP produces industrial sensors that deliver rock solid performance in any application including the most severe environments. Thier engineering team will focus on your unique needs and specs to create the ideal sensor for your project. Tecsis LP is ready to build a transducer just for you.

Whether you need something off-the-shelf or completely custom, tecsis LP has the solution for your sensing and measurement needs.

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SOR adds Sensor Sampling Systems

SENSOR was formed from the SOR Controls Group (SCG) competencies – providing innovative solutions based on customer service, quality assurance, and reliable delivery. SENSOR provides closed-loop sampling systems for all types of industrial applications that are safe for both the operator and the environment. These systems come in different models such as the Basic Bottle Sampling System, Cylinder Sampling Systems, Fixed Volume Bottle Sampling System, and the Inline Sampling System. The sampling process is emissions-free, with no spills and zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions, while keeping sample contamination levels to a minimum.

Mine Safety Appliances acquires Senscient Incorporated

Mine Safety Appliances (NYSE: MSA) has announced it has acquired Senscient Incorporated, a leader of laser based gas detection technology used in a broad range of industrial, power, pharmaceutical, and gas applications.  The acquisition of Senscient strengthens MSA’s top position as a leader in fixed gas detection and broadens Criterion Incorporated, offerings in this regard.  We are excited to present this product to our clients. WEBSITE

General Monitors by MSA

Criterion, Incorporated is pleased to announce that as of September 2016, we will be the exclusive representative for General Monitors by MSA in the states of North and South Carolina.

MSA and General Monitors have been protecting people and facilities for over 100 years. Together they bring you an unrivaled range of gas detectors and flame detectors. They don’t just make sensors, they invent sensing technology.