Exclusive Representative Agreement With SENSIDYNE

Effective July 1st, 2022, Criterion Incorporated is pleased to announce the exclusive representation agreement with Sensidyne in the states of North and South Carolina:

Since 1983, Sensidyne has been designing and supplying instrumentation to keep workers safe and workplace facilities secure around the Globe. Sensidyne’s critical infrastructure products provide a broad range of process, manufacturing, and infrastructure industries, including Power, Chemicals, Oil and Gas, Mining, Industrial Gases, Semi-Conductor, Metals, and Waste Water Treatment facilities worldwide.

Our core competencies lie in product development, manufacturing, distribution and factory service of fixed gas detection and air monitoring instrumentation, sound and vibration measurement, and heat stress. Our brands include SensAlert® and SensAlarm® Fixed Point Gas Detectors, Toxic Gas and Oxygen Sensors, Gilian® and BDX® Air Sampling Pumps, Gilibrator® Air Sampling Calibrators, Sensidyne Colorimetric Gas Detector Tubes, and OEM Micro Air Pumps for vacuum and pressure applications.

Sensidyne is dedicated to providing the highest reliability, latest technology, certified factory service, and technical support. We also provide detailed technical information and assistance for a wide variety of applications across our entire product offering. Sensidyne’s laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025:2017 standards for Calibration (# 3943.01), and Sensidyne’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards (# QMS-1181).


Exclusive Representative Agreement With Process Insights

Process Insights, and their premium brands, provide turn-key analytical instrumentation for many industries for process control and safety monitoring.  Their highly reputable brands with differentiated products are committed to delivering innovation and continuous improvement through constant research and development.

Process Insights global analytical instrumentation, and process automation products and solutions are at work all over the world delivering innovative and differentiated analysis and measurement solutions that add high value to their customers. Their Liquid, Gas and Moisture premium sensors, monitors, detectors, analyzers, instrumentation, and software are mission-critical to continually improve quality, reduce disruptions, downtime, and lost productivity while keeping your operations, personnel, and the environment safe.


Exclusive representative agreement with NovaTech Automation

Ingenuity and Continuity since 1979. NovaTech Automation has been making it easier for electric utilities and process manufacturers to keep the lights on and food, fuels, and other daily essentials flowing. Our technologies and engineering expertise help them simplify tasks, reduce risk, and increase return on assets as their businesses and the planet to evolve. Our customers face the challenge of meeting new demands while preserving their legacy equipment. For more than 40 years, we’ve supported them by providing best-in-class automation solutions with continuous migration paths.

NovaTech Automations can assist customers in many ways.

Their AMP (Augmented Manual Procedures) helps Error-proof your manual tasks by Improving plant safety and performance by integrating manual tasks with any control system, database, or digital device. Integrating smart and mobile devices and their wealth of data into the enterprise to be analyzed for greater safety and performance is the promise of Industry 4.0. AMP leverages the familiar format of the standard operating procedure to integrate manual and automated tasks, and making it easier for operators to do the right thing at the right time, and powering continuous improvement.

Augmented Manual Procedures

Their D/3 products connects to and integrates data from any plant system through Ethernet protocols and OPC, and an extensive library of I/O interfaces for legacy equipment. D/3 is designed in alignment with the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) guidelines. If you can think it, the D/3 can do it. Its agile Sequence and Batch Language (SABL) programming environment is built around S88 and S106 standards, so there’s no limit to the process variables you can tweak and adjust.

D/3 Control Systems

Exclusive representative agreement with Modular Industrial Computers Inc.

Since 1992 Modular has been the leader in providing Industrial/Ruggedized Workstations, Displays, and Plant Floor Computer and Peripheral Enclosures specifically designed to meet the harsh demands of NEMA 4/4X/12 and IP66 factory floor environments.

They are dedicated to being a forerunner in the design and manufacture of these Workstations, Computer and Peripheral Enclosures, Mounting Systems, and Custom Solutions specifically for use in Manufacturing and Plant Processing environments where standard desktop computing technologies will not hold up due to environmental or operator maintenance considerations. Modular back these products with the best warranty and customer service programs in the industry.

Exclusive representative agreement with JM Canty Incorporated

Criterion Incorporated is pleased to announce an exclusive representative agreement with JM Canty Incorporated effective November 1st, 2018 for the States of North and South Carolina.

JM Canty’s beginnings and current practices are rooted in
family and innovation.  Canty was established in 1971 by John M. Canty P.E. and Incorporated in 1977.  The company has expanded product offerings to include manufacturing of lighting, cameras, sight flow indicators, quick opening closures, glass to metal seals, vision-based process control and particle sizing.

JM Canty is an exciting addition to our product line, that will help us diversify our product offerings across the industries we serve while maintaining our focus as a solution based manufacturer’s representative.

SOR adds Sensor Sampling Systems

SENSOR was formed from the SOR Controls Group (SCG) competencies – providing innovative solutions based on customer service, quality assurance, and reliable delivery. SENSOR provides closed-loop sampling systems for all types of industrial applications that are safe for both the operator and the environment. These systems come in different models such as the Basic Bottle Sampling System, Cylinder Sampling Systems, Fixed Volume Bottle Sampling System, and the Inline Sampling System. The sampling process is emissions-free, with no spills and zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions, while keeping sample contamination levels to a minimum.